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Title: ALTEA: anomalous long term effects on astronauts on board the international space station
Authors: Narici, Livio
Zaconte, Veronica
Keywords: cosmic rays
silicon detector
nuclear recognition
light flashes
Issue Date: 29-Jul-2009
Abstract: In this thesis I summarized the work carried out on ALTEA experiment during my PhD years. ALTEA (Anomalouos Long Term Effects on Astronauts) is a project funded by ASI, the Italian Space Agency; it is a multidisciplinary program devoted to investigate the functional effects of radiation during man permanences in space and concurrently to get a measure of radiation environment inside the International Space Station. It is constitued by several experiments both gorund-based and in space. I was mainly involved in the ALTEA-space experiment and I followed the hardware functioning tests, the calibration and the analysis of flight data. After an overview of space environment and a brief description of the main effects of radiation exposure, reported in the first chapter, the Altea program is presented with its scientific goals and the different experiments that it includes. In particular the ALTEA-space facility is described in the third chapter. In the fourth chapter a simple simulatio...
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URI: http://hdl.handle.net/2108/935
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