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Title: Microfabricated systems for next generation microrobotics and swarm microrobotics: scaling and technological challenges toward mass fabrication
Authors: Dario, Paolo
Menciassi, Arianna
Corradi, Paolo
Keywords: microrobotics
swarm microrobotics
optical communication
microrobotic tools
Issue Date: 29-Jul-2009
Abstract: Microrobotics is a field of the scientific and technological research that exploits Microtechnologies for the design and fabrication of miniaturized autonomous or semi-autonomous systems, i.e., in its strict sense, with millimetre or sub-millimetre size. Microrobotics has a particular relevance in the development of a relatively new scientific discipline named “Swarm Robotics”. This aims to apply Swarm Intelligence strategies to a large number of robotic agents, allowing collective, decentralized and self-organizing behaviours of the robots, which lead to an intelligent, often bio-inspired, emergent behaviours of the whole system, while considering issues of robustness and scalability. It is indeed in the perspective of miniaturization that Swarm Robotics becomes meaningful, leading to the concept of “Swarm Microrobotics”. This thesis describes new concepts, technical solutions and microfabrication methodologies of miniaturized systems and microsystems to be applied in Microro...
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/2108/933
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