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The Department of Economics and Institutions is active in the fields of research, training and international university co-operations. Has a staff of 19 professors, 7 researchers and 8 technical employees. Director of the Department is Prof. Michele Bagella.

The research areas of the Department include: monetary and financial economics, media economics, economic growth and development, international economics, European economy, industrial economics, economics of technological change, public economics, regional economics, environmental economics, transport economics, economic history, law and economics.

The Department has established in 1999 the "OS.E.L.R. – Observatory on Local and Regional Economies", for developing research in the field of regional economics and policies, local economic development, economics of innovation and university technology transfers, economics of federalism, urban economics and planning, coordinated by Prof. Riccardo Cappellin.

The Department, in collaboration with CEIS Tor Vergata, organizes during the year several conferences and workshop. Since 1993 a Financial Conference about the most actual problems about Monetary, Financial and Banking Economy, with contribution by researchers of many Italian and foreign Universities takes place every year. Since 1999 a International Conference on Agricultural Biotechnologies sponsored by International Consortium on Agricultural Biothenology Reserch (ICARB), coordinated by Prof. Vittorio Santaniello.

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