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Title: Mottness scenario for the non-Fermi liquid phase in heavy fermions
Authors: Rozenberg, Marcelo J.
Amaricci, Adriano
Issue Date: 30-Apr-2009
Abstract: In this thesis we describe a new theoretical approach to the problem of non-Fermi liquid behavior in heavy fermion systems. For almost forty years our comprehension of the metallic behavior in many materials has been founded on the Landau physical intuition about interacting Fermi systems [6, 69]. The idea of Landau, that interacting fermions could be regarded as free particles with renormalized parameters, is at the basis of the standard picture of the solids in terms of single independent electrons delocalized throughout the systems. The extraordinary success of this scenario is demonstrated by the impressive number of predictions and results, on which has root a large part of the actual technology. The Fermi-liquid concept has been also extended to systems showing a strong electronelectron interaction, i.e. strongly correlated electrons systems. Under suitable conditions the low temperature metallic properties of these systems can be interpreted in terms of renormalized ...
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URI: http://hdl.handle.net/2108/879
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