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Title: Networks of spiking neurons and plastic synapses: implementation and control
Authors: Del Giudice, Paolo
Salina, Gaetano
Indiveri, Giacomo
Douglas, Rodney
Giulioni, Massimiliano
Keywords: spiking neurons
neural networks
Issue Date: 15-Jan-2009
Abstract: The brain is an incredible system with a computational power that goes further beyond those of our standard computer. It consists of a network of 1011 neurons connected by about 1014 synapses: a massive parallel architecture that suggests that brain performs computation according to completely new strategies which we are far from understanding. To study the nervous system a reasonable starting point is to model its basic units, neurons and synapses, extract the key features, and try to put them together in simple controllable networks. The research group I have been working in focuses its attention on the network dynamics and chooses to model neurons and synapses at a functional level: in this work I consider network of integrate-and-fire neurons connected through synapses that are plastic and bistable. A synapses is said to be plastic when, according to some kind of internal dynamics, it is able to change the “strength”, the efficacy, of the connection between the pre- and ...
Description: Co-dottorato Italia-Svizzera
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/2108/761
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