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contributor.authorPodio-Guidugli, Paolo-
contributor.authorRoubicek, Tomas-
contributor.authorTomassetti, Giuseppe-
description.abstractWe propose a continuum theory describing the evolution of magnetization and temperature in a rigid magnetic body. The theory is based on a microforce balance, an energy balance, and an entropy imbalance. We motivate the choice of a class of constitutive equations, consistent with the entropy imbalance, that appear appropriate to describe the phase transition taking place in a ferromagnet at the Curie point. By combining these constitutive equations with the balance laws, we formulate an initial-boundary value problem for the magnetization and temperature fields, and we prove existence of weak solutions.en
description.sponsorshipThis research has been facilitated by the European project MRTN-CT-2004-505226 ``Multi-scale modelling and characterisation for phase transformations in advanced materials''. P.P.-G. and G.T. have been partially supported by the Italian MIUR under the project PRIN 2005 ``Modelli Matematici per la Scienza dei Materiali''. In addition, G.T.has been partially supported by INdAM-GNFM Project ``Modellazione Fisico-Matematica dei Continui Elettro-attivi''; he also acknowledges the hospitality of Charles University in Prague, having been supported by the grant 201/06/0352 (GA CR) and by Institute of Physics of the ASCR. T.R. acknowledges the hospitality of Universita` di Roma ``Tor Vergata'', together with a partial support also from the grants IAA100750802 (GA AV CR), MSM21620839 and 1M06031 (MSMT CR), and from the research plan AV0Z20760514 (CR), also as a research activity of ``Necas center for mathematical modeling'' LC~06052 (MSMT CR).en
format.extent343881 bytes-
subjectMagnetic materialsen
subjectPhase transitionsen
subjectThermodynamics of continuaen
subjectLandau-Lifschitz-Gilbert equationen
subjectHeat equation with L^1 dataen
titleA thermodynamically-consistent theory of the ferro/paramagnetic transitionen
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