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Title: Hysteresis modeling for smart materials and observer design for 2DOF robots
Authors: Nicosia, Salvatore
Carnevale, Daniele
Keywords: modelli di isteresi
smart materials
osservatori per sistemi non lineari
Euler-Lagrange systems
output feedback
Issue Date: 2-Sep-2008
Abstract: The thesis deals with the development of a new hysteresis model and the design of observers for systems with non-monotonic nonlinearities and for a clas of two-degre-of-fredom Euler- Lagrange systems (2-DOF robot). Hysteresis modeling is useful to design new smart-materials based devices, as Nitinol stent of comon use nowadays in many surgical aplications, and to improve the control of hysteretic actuators. The new model, named generalized constructive model, is able reproduce a wider clas of hysteresis nonlinearities than some of the most known models as the Clasical Preisach, the Nonlinear Preisach and the Prandtl-Ishlinski (PI) models, describing a larger number of materials. The new model is developed by an algorithm that makes use of hysteresis minor lop chords, minor lops arisen from reversal branches up to n-order. This aproach that does not make use of analytic functions, adjusting their parameters fit experimental measurements, alows to relax the hysteresis properties of equal...
Description: 19. ciclo
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/2108/612
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