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Title: Il trattamento delle fratture metatarsali e delle metatarsalgie inveterate mediante l’uso di impianti bioriassorbibili: risultati di nuove tecniche chirurgiche
Other Titles: Treatment of metatarsal fractures and intractable metatarsalgia with bioabsorbable implants: results of new surgical techniques
Authors: Tarantino, Umberto
Bondì, Lucia
Issue Date: 25-Aug-2008
Abstract: Pathology of the metatarsal region represents one of the most common problem in foot. The treatment of displaced metatarsal fractures and inveterate lesser metatarsalgia remains controversial. Few options exist to treat them and different are the results reported. On the other hand the clinical use of bioabsorbable fixation devices has been fully evaluated in orthopaedic surgery and is becoming preponderant in podiatric literature. Advantages of these implants include: - the lack of necessity for removal at a later date, which results in financial benefits, psychological advantages and decreases the morbidity correlated to a secondary operation. - gradual stress transferring to healing bone during the degradation process which prevents corrosion and stress-shielding phenomenon . Nevertheless one of the complications of their use includes the possibility to develop a late inflammatory soft tissues reaction. With the introduction of SR-PLLA (self-reinforced polylevolactic acid)...
Description: 19. ciclo
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/2108/570
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