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contributor.authorAccardi, Luigi-
contributor.authorBoukas, Andreas-
description.abstractThe identification of the ∗–Lie algebra of the renormalized higher powers of white noise (RHPWN) and the analytic continuation of the second quantized Virasoro–Zamolodchikov–w1 ∗–Lie algebra of conformal field theory and high-energy physics, was recently established in [3] based on results obtained in [1] and [2]. In the present paper we show how the RHPWN Fock kernels must be truncated in order to be positive definite and we obtain a Fock representation of the two algebras. We show that the truncated renormalized higher powers of white noise (TRHPWN) Fock spaces of order ≥ 2 host the continuous binomial and beta processes.en
format.extent241450 bytes-
subjectrenormalized powers of white noiseen
subjectsecond quantizationen
subjectVirasoro algebraen
subjectZamolodchikov algebraen
subjectFock spaceen
subjectmoment systemsen
subjectcontinuous binomial distributionen
titleFock representation of the renormalized higher powers of white noise and the Virasoro--Zamolodchikov -w∞ *-Lie algebraen
subject.ams60H40; White noise theoryen
subject.ams81S05; Commutation relations and statisticsen
subject.ams81T30; String and superstring theories; other extended objects (e.g., branes)en
subject.ams81T40; Two-dimensional field theories, conformal field theories, etc.en
title.releaseversion 2en
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