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Title: Dynamics of domain walls in ferromagnets
Authors: Davini, Cesare
Luciano, Raimondo
Auricchio, Ferdinando
Maceri, Franco
De Simone, Antonio
Tomassetti, Giuseppe
Keywords: micromagnetics
ferromagnetic materials
Issue Date: 13-Apr-2007
Abstract: The Gilbert equation summarizes the standard model for the evolution of the magnetization m in rigid ferromagnetic bodies. Under common constitutive assumptions, it has the form of a parabolic PDE: γ−1m˙ + μm×m˙ = m× (αΔm+ β(m· e)e + hs + he) . Here m˙ and Δm denote, respectively, the time derivative and the Laplacian of m, and the symbol × denotes the cross product; γ is the gyromagnetic ratio, a negative constant; α, β, μ are positive constants; e is a unimodular vector (the easy axis); he is the external magnetic field and hs is the stray field, the magnetic field generated by the body.1 In ferromagnetic bodies, it is possible to observe magnetic domains, i.e., regions where the orientation is nearly constant, separated by narrow transitions layers, the domain walls. The application of an external magnetic field induces re-orientation and growth of some domains at the expense of others. Our intention is to picture the resulting domain-boundary displacement, accompanied by re-or...
Description: 14. ciclo
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/2108/325
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