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Title: The RR Lyrae distance scale from Near-Infrared photometry
Authors: Buonanno, Roberto
Dall'Ora, Massimo
Issue Date: 17-Feb-2006
Abstract: The work carried out in this thesis is part of a long-term project aimed at measuring accurate near-infrared magnitudes of RR Lyrae stars in a sample of Galactic globular clusters that cover a wide metallicity range ( 2.3 [ / ] 1.3 Fe H − £ £ − ) and host a sizable population of RR Lyrae stars ( 10 RR N ³ ). In this thesis we will present the result obtained for the Galactic globular clusters M68 and NGC3201, and for the Large Magellanic Cloud cluster Reticulum. The results for these clusters are all based on the observations carried out with SOFI/NTT. The data collected allowed us to provide accurate estimates of J, K mean magnitudes for a large portion of the cluster RR Lyrae variables, and in turn to derive in a homogeneous context the slope of the K-band Period-Luminosity relation (PLK). The slope of the observed PLK relation agrees quite well with theoretical pulsational predictions. On the basis of this agreement between our empirical PLK relations and the theoretical ...
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URI: http://hdl.handle.net/2108/205
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