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Title: Preparation and characterization of components for Direct Methanol Fuel Cells
Authors: Antonucci, Pier Luigi
Traversa, Enrico
Baglio, Vincenzo
Keywords: Direct methanol fuel cells
Pt-Ru alloys
Pt-decorated Ru catalyst
composite Nafion membranes
inorganic fillers
Issue Date: 15-Dec-2005
Abstract: Direct Methanol Fuel Cells (DMFCs) are becoming an important area of research, due to their potentialities for a wide application in the next future as electrical power generators because of their low environmental impact. The fields in which these devices may find application involve transportation, portable power sources and distributed generation of clean energy. Yet, the commercial application of these devices is limited by the presence of two main drawbacks that have hindered the achievement of high performances: (i) the slow methanol oxidation kinetics and (ii) the methanol cross-over through the perfluorosulfonic membranes commonly used as electrolyte in these systems. Thus, the topics of this PhD thesis, and, consequently, of my research activity, are concerning with: a) analysis of high temperature methanol electro-oxidation at different Platinum-based catalysts, i. e. unsupported Pt-Ru alloys of various compositions in terms of metal atomic ratio, supported Pt-Ru catalysts v...
Description: 17.ciclo
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/2108/183
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