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Authors: Marino, Riccardo
Tomei, Patrizio
Verrelli, Cristiano Maria
Keywords: power systems control
adaptive control
nonlinear control
sensorless control
robust nonlinear control
output regulation
local asymptotic stability
global tracking
L and L disturbance 1 2 attenuation.
Issue Date: 15-Dec-2005
Abstract: The thesis incorporates recent advances in the design of nonlinear control laws for induction motors and synchronous generators: robust, adaptive, state or output feedback control techniques are used for both these electro-mechanical systems which are modelled by ¯nite dimensional, deterministic ordinary differential equations and are possibly affected by uncertainties, such as unknown constant and time-varying parameters. Induction motors, which, due to their simpler construction, are more reliable and less expensive than those permanent magnet, switched reluctance and d.c. motors are di±cult to control for several reasons: their dynamics are intrinsically nonlinear and multivariable (two control inputs and two outputs to be controlled); not all of the state variables and not all of the outputs to be controlled may be available for feedback; there are critical uncertain parameters such as load torque, which is typically unknown in all electrical drives, and rotor resistance, which,...
Description: 17.ciclo
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/2108/179
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