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contributor.authorTomas, Roubicek-
contributor.authorGiuseppe, Tomassetti-
description.abstractA thermodynamically-consistent general continuum-mechanical model describing mutually coupled martensitic and ferro/paramagnetic phase transformations in electrically-conductive magnetostrictive materials such as NiMnGa is derived, using the small-strain and eddy-current approximations. Yet, large velocities and electric current injected through boundary are allowed. Fully nonlinear coupling of magneto-mechanical and thermal effects is considered. The existence of energy-preserving weak solutions is proved by showing convergence of time-discrete approximations constructed by a carefully designed semi-implicit regularized scheme.en
description.sponsorshipINdAM-GNFM GA CR (Czech Science Foundation), grants 201/09/0917, 201/12/0671, and 201/12/0671 MSMT CT (Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of the Czech Republic), grant LC 06052 CENTEM (New Technology and Materials Centre), project no. CZ.1.05/21.00/03.0088 (cofounded from ERDF (European Regional Development Fund) within the OP RDI (Operational Programme Research and Development for Innovation) programme, MSMT CR)en
format.extent513109 bytes-
subjectmartensitic transformationen
subjectferro/paramagnetic transformationen
subjecteddy currentsen
subjectweak solutionsen
titlePhase transformations in electrically conductive ferromagnetic shape-memory alloys, their thermodynamics and analysisen
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