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Title: Environmental impacts assessment and horizons of rehabilitation of abandoned limestone quarries: a case study from the Southern part of the West Bank
Authors: Gavasci, Renato
Khatib, Imad
Abukhalaf, Motasem
Keywords: environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)
quarry rehabilitation
geographical information system (GIS)
abandoned quarries
Folchi method
environmental components
impacting factors
open spaces
development projects
Issue Date: 29-Apr-2010
Abstract: The stone quarries in the West Bank were long excavated to meet the increasing demand for building material. Until to date of this search, there exist no plans for post-quarrying use of the abandoned sites. Quarries that are left untreated after closure cause extensive land disturbances and have negative safety and environmental impacts. The impact is ranging from the removal of the original ecosystems, the significant change of the original topography, the irreversible disruption of the fundamental ecological relations, and the reduced biodiversity. The core of this study is the evaluation of the environmental risks resulted from the stone quarries in the southern part of the West Bank are and the aspects of rehabilitating abandoned quarries and their future designation land use, emphasizing the theme of abandoned quarries in the study area. The area of interest of 80 km2 was determined and delineated based on the distribution of quarries and the surrounding urbanized clusters. ...
Description: 22. ciclo
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/2108/1256
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