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Title: Il Critone di Platone: per una interpretazione unitaria
Authors: Brancacci, Aldo
Ianne, Cosimo
Keywords: nomos
diritto positivo
diritto naturale
giustizia universale
oi polloi/oi oligoi
beltistos logos
opinione comune
Issue Date: 27-Aug-2009
Abstract: This research defines the statu quaestionis of the historiographical and philosophical debate about the Crito discussing the whole route of critical studies from the 19th century up to our days. According to the survey, this work is thought to date back to the central stage of Plato’s maturity and to be subsequent to the Phaedo, since the concept of the ideal nÒmoj as a model for the human nÒmoj has been emphasized; Plato develops a philosophical-metaphysical reflection, placing the Crito close to his maturity works on the one hand and to the meditation both on laws and the divine, natural and positive right on the other hand, expressed in works like the Republic, the Politician, the Laws. In the discussion about the question of the relationship between the Crito and the Apology, beyond the objective elements of continuity between the two works, especially the differences between each other have been emphasized, which make these texts two distinct and separate things, as conce...
Description: 17. ciclo
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/2108/1054
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