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Date of IssueTitle Authors
2001 The Stock market and the fedBecchetti, Leonardo; Mattesini, Fabrizio
Feb-2001 Changes in the degree of international financial integration over the past three centuriesLothian, James R.
Feb-2001 Observed and "fundamental" price earnings. Is there a dragging anchor for high-tech stocks?Becchetti, Leonardo; Bagella, Michele; Adriani, Fabrizio
Feb-2001 Dollarization of liabilities and the value of collateralWaldmann, Robert
Feb-2001 Competition and regulation in the banking and quasi-banking industries: evidence from ItalyCarretta, Alessandro; Fiordelisi, Franco
Mar-2001 Managing the risk of loans with basis risk sell, hedge or do nothingWall, Larry D.; Shrikhande, Milind M.
Mar-2001 Interbank exchanges, liquidity management and banking crisesBrighi, Paola
Mar-2001 The Impact of the EMU on international portfolio investmentsAl-Khail, Mohammed Aba; Berglund, Tom
Mar-2001 Fiscal deficits and currency crisesMarini, Giancarlo; Piersanti, Giovanni
Apr-2001 ICT "bottlenecks" and the wealth of nations: a contribution to the empirics of economic growthBecchetti, Leonardo; Adriani, Fabrizio
Apr-2001 Measuring labour market dynamics: an application to SpainArtola, Concha; Bell, Una-Louise
Apr-2001 The Impact of transaction costs on turnover and asset prices: the cases of Sweden’s and Finland’s security transaction tax reductionsSwan, Peter L.; Westerholm, Joakim
May-2001 The Fiscal State, the market and the citizens' moral capacity in the secularized societyGorini, Stefano
May-2001 Micro modeling of retirement behavior in ItalyBrugiavini, Agar; Peracchi, Franco
Jul-2001 The Determinants of growth for small and medium sized firms: the role of the availability of external financeBecchetti, Leonardo; Trovato, Giovanni
Sep-2001 On the effects of regulating price discrimination by a price capped firmIozzi, Alberto; Pace, Carla; Sestini, Roberta; Valentini, Edilio
Nov-2001 La concentrazione del settore bancario: effetti sulla competitività e sugli assetti proprietariMessori, Marcello
Dec-2001 The Stock market and the fedBecchetti, Leonardo; Mattesini, Fabrizio
Dec-2001 Effetti distributivi e sull'offerta di lavoro del reddito minimo di inserimento: una analisi di microsimulazione con risposte comportamentaliBerliri, Cristina; Parisi, Valentino
Jan-2002 Cultures, finance and growthBagella, Michele; Becchetti, Leonardo; Caiazza, Stefano
Jan-2002 Precautionary saving and health risk evidence from the Italian households using a time series of cross sectionsAtella, Vincenzo; Rosati, Furio C.; Rossi, Maria C.
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