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Date of IssueTitle Authors
Jan-2002 Precautionary saving and health risk evidence from the Italian households using a time series of cross sectionsAtella, Vincenzo; Rosati, Furio C.; Rossi, Maria C.
Jan-2002 Determinants of access to physician services in Italy: a latent class probit approachAtella, Vincenzo; Brindisi, Francesco; Deb, Partha; Rosati, Furio C.
Jan-2002 Can we beat the dow? The mirage of growth strategiesBecchetti, Leonardo; Marini, Giancarlo
Feb-2002 Search, moneta e autarchiaAmendola, Nicola
Mar-2002 Private medical insurance and saving: evidence from the British household panel surveyGuariglia, Alessandra; Rossi, Mariacristina
Mar-2002 Il Ruolo del progresso tecnico nell'uso dell'ambiente e delle risorse naturaliCastellucci, Laura
Apr-2002 Credit and money in Schumpeter’s theoryMessori, Marcello
Apr-2002 Are you a doctor or a Quack? Provision of quality and self-regulation in a market for professional servicesSestini, Roberta
May-2002 The Child labour-GDP per capita relationship: is there something beyond it ?Becchetti, Leonardo; Trovato, Gianni
May-2002 Fair trade: a "third generation welfare" mechanism to make globalisation sustainableBecchetti, Leonardo; Adriani, Fabrizio
Jul-2002 Social security wealth and retirement decisions in ItalyBrugiavini, Agar; Peracchi, Franco
Jul-2002 Renewable resources and sustainable developmentValente, Simone
Sep-2002 Threshold effects in the US budget deficitArestis, Philip; Cipollini, Andrea; Fattouh, Bassam
Sep-2002 Costly state verification and debt contractsAttar, Andrea; Campioni, Eloisa
Oct-2002 Fiscal policy and exchange ratesAnnicchiarico, Barbara
1-Oct-2002 Common agency and pollution controlD'Amato, Alessio
Nov-2002 Will the Euro be beneficial on firm's investment behaviour?Atella, Vincenzo; Atzeni, Gianfranco; Belvisi, Pierluigi
Nov-2002 Privatising the forestsScandizzo, Pasquale Lucio
Nov-2002 Pensions and retirement incentives: a tale of three countries: Italy, Spain and the UsaBrugiavini, Agar; Peracchi, Franco; Wise, David A.
Nov-2002 Differential mortality and the design of the italian system of public pensionsCaselli, Graziella; Peracchi, Franco; Barbi, Elisabetta; Lipsi, Maria Rosa
Dec-2002 Stock price dynamics: an empirical test of the chartist-fundamentalist hypothesisBecchetti, Leonardo; Santoro, Maria I. Marika
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